Quality Policy

Quality Policy - Nakoda Metal Industries

Quality assurance at Nakoda Metal Industries begins with a comprehensive grasp of the client's demands and continues until the customer is completely satisfied with the goods and services offered. Quality control procedures have been carefully defined and are being strictly followed. In order to exceed customer expectations in terms of cost, quality, and delivery, Nakoda Metal Industries has developed a results-oriented work culture. We expect to accomplish zero losses by boosting the efficiency of people and plant equipment in a safe manner. We also believe in continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System via cooperation, training, and a focus on outcomes.

Our Excellence :

Our main priority is quality. Because of our dedicated people and robust infrastructure, we are able to maintain high quality standards. We make certain that only the highest quality materials are used in our goods. We provide Materials Test Certificates with each order to confirm the quality of the materials. Our professionals keep a close eye on the products' quality. Each item is accompanied by test certifications and reports.

Quality Control :

We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that our goods have exact dimensions and mechanical qualities. Our quality assurance system ensures that each product passes through the processes and quality systems outlined below : Material Management System, Control System for Process, Dimensional Control, Machining Supplementary Test, Certification Finishing and Promotion. Our company's success has been largely attributed to the high quality standards of our product line and services.

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